The 11 + Exam for Gloucestershire and Buckinghamshire 

​Professional tutors with experience of preparing pupils for CEM 11 + exams

Group tuition supported by 1 to 1 tuition (best of both worlds)!

Professional tutors who are reliable and experienced in teaching for CEM exams

All tutors are fully DBS checked

Our own high quality, tried and tested mock exams for the CEM 11 + exam

Head tutor teaching in small groups, who is approachable and who gets to know you and your child



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Our Ethos 

​​We offer tuition and mock exams for the Durham CEM 11 + Exam in Buckinghamshire and Gloucestershire.

Tuition covers English and Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and Non verbal reasoning. We actively teach our pupils and do not practise papers in the sessions, as is the case with many other tutors. Improvement in Maths and English is often recognised by the schools which our pupils attend.

Our Head Tutor Philip teaches our courses, and we continue right through to the exam (including the summer holidays) when some other tutors will stop. This is the key time when our pupils are working very hard.

Pupils are happy to come to tuition with us, and enjoy the sessions, which we feel is very important. Pupils make new friendships with children from other schools and they encourage each other to work hard, as they can see other pupils working hard.

The scope of the CEM exam (The Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring®) is wide, and pupils need to be well prepared to do their best on exam day.

Pupils need to ensure that they can work well under significant time pressures, which is why we offer a programme of mock exams to allow pupils to overcome their nerves and perfect their ability to work well under exam conditions.

We believe in building solid foundations, rather than cramming for the exam.
Tuition focuses on the 11 + exam, however our tuition also helps pupils prepare for the next stage of their academic career.

Please note that we are not endorsed by nor associated with CEM (The Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring®), however we are able to assist your child's preparation for the exam through our experience and programme of tuition.

Best wishes,